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Sidecar - Side•car - (ˈsaɪdˌkɑr) 

A one wheeled car  for  a single  passenger,  attached  to  the  side  of  a motorcycle.

Sightseeing - sight•see•ing (ˈsaɪtˌsi ɪŋ)

The activity of traveling around a city or region to see the interesting places 

that tourists usually visit. 

Tour - tour - (to͝or)

A brief trip to or through a place for the purpose of seeing it.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime in a Private Sightseeing Tour.

All tours begin at Old San Juan Pier, the majestic part of the city of San Juan. Your tour will be prívate and personal. Up to two passengers per sidecar motorcycle.​

Vintage Motorcycle Restorations from the 60' & 70's

By far the best way to see the island and really enjoy what Puerto Rico has to offer.

In an ordinary tour you're a spectator, in a sidecar sightseeing tour you're a participant fully immersed in the experience, from a unique perspective with 360° views.

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